Sistah's Braid Too! is a Hair Braiding and Natural Hair Care Salon  designed with professional women and men in mind. We are appointment only which ensures your appointment will start on time, and plans you've made remain uninterrupted. Our salon is beautiful, spacious, clean, equipped with security cameras, security doors and WIFI. We provide complimentary shampoo, condition and blow-drying with all of our services, Hair and Hair accessories are provided with most of our styles making your appointment easy and hassle free. It is our pleasure to take the stress away from you with our "cater to you" service, and we know this is something you appreciate. We want you to be satisfied with our exceptional customer service. Here at Sistah's Braid Too! We value you, your time, and your hair. We look forward to hearing from you soon, 


Sistah's Braid Too! Team


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